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Cream Pomade

200 ml

To feed Hair at the Root

with Biotinyl-GHK and Antioxidant Vegetable Blend

Hair loss and hair thinning are associated with a variety of factors: most common are poor diet, heavy stress, hormonal changes, weak and aged bulb.
When the rate of hair shedding exceeds the rate of regrowth and new hair is thinner than the hair shed, bigger portion of scalp become visible with subsequent social embarassment.
Quick action is first remedy!
Applied daily, A3 HAIR REVITA Growth Stimulator with Biotinyl-GHK & Antioxidant Vegetable Blend rightly works on the bulb, to repair and protect its different components.
The consequent bulb thickening prevents more hair loss and boosts the growth of new, strongest and thicker hair from the root, preventing breakage or split. Its physical form is an extremely soft pomade with extraordinary conditioning, nourishing and softening properties.